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Grundfos is right at home with a wide range of pump solutions

As a nation we have a very strong attachment to our homes and this means they play a much more important role in our lives than simply being a pile of bricks and mortar. Equally, this is reflected in the expectations of what we would like our living spaces to deliver; as we now want them to meet a range of demands in support of our increasing requirement for comfort.

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Grundfos have a sporting chance in Brazil

The connection between major international sporting events and Brazil will be even more closely associated after this summer.  Following hot on the heels of the recent World Cup, this summer Brazil has once again stepped onto the world stage, this time to act as host for the biggest sporting event of them all.

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Grundfos answered the call

A major telecommunications call centre in London requested Grundfos undertake an Energy Check on their cooling and heating pumps to see if they could improve the efficiency of their system.

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Grundfos has issued a safety warning about an earlier model of its CONLIFT pumps produced on or before week 47 in 2007. Pumps from that period may pose a dangerous fire risk under certain circumstances. 

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