Information technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT) - Group Policy

IT systems will be implemented in order to obtain a competitive advantage to the business, provide decision makers with information, integrate internal processes, automate administration and enable electronic integration with customers and suppliers.

The development of the Group’s IT infrastructure and IT systems must take place according to common guidelines in order to achieve the necessary internal and external business integration.

The Group’s IT strategy lays down the terms of purchase, design and introduction of system solutions in all Group companies. IT solutions constituting obstacles to this development will not be allowed.

The Group’s systems must be operated in a way ensuring high accessibility while at the same time avoiding unintentional or undesirable use. Alternative solutions for the achievement of high stability and security must be constantly evaluated from a technical as well as financial point of view.

The Group’s network and systems must be developed and run by an organization designed to meet central as well as local business demands placed on the systems.

Acquisition and development of systems must be based on internationally acknowledged and widely used solutions, tools and standards. Standard solutions must be sought and used wherever possible.

The Group’s in-house development of systems must be limited to a minimum and only cover areas where the use of standard solutions is not possible. Development projects must be controlled in terms of time and costs in order to obtain the specified functionality, stability and security. Primarily, the Group’s system development must take place centrally. Only where special needs speak in favour of it will local system development be allowed, always co-ordinated with the Group IT function.

Through framework agreements on purchases, the Group will obtain favourable price/service terms regarding hardware, software and other external supplies. All IT-related purchases must be made in accordance with Group framework agreements, where such agreements exist. Group framework agreements must always be made in co-operation with Group Purchase.

The IT policy does not cover the development of software for products or production equipment.

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