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Grundfos land in the dock
The continuing popularity of cruising has meant that many more and increasingly larger ships are joining the high seas, all of which must have the highest standards of support to ensure their smooth operation and keep them on the move.
New Grundfos Product Center is now open
Making the correct pump selection for any given circumstance can be complex. Over the years different tools have been developed to help people make the correct choices for their specific application.
Grundfos S-tube revolutionises wastewater pumping station
The wastewater industry traditionally had to choose between selecting a pump that delivered energy efficient performance or free passage. Today the Grundfos S-tube with its unique impeller has alleviated that situation as with it there are no dead zones and no cutting or moving parts that can get worn out over time.
Grundfos kick off in Brazil
Football in Brazil is more than simply the beautiful game, but is in fact a national obsession. It is quite ironic that an ex-pat is credited with introducing the game to Brazil in the later part of the 19th century, it’s popularity quickly spread and with world cup victories in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002 – more than any other nation.
Grundfos can take the pressure
Low water pressure can create problems in various domestic and small commercial applications. Fortunately Grundfos have developed a range of solutions that can satisfy the most demanding of requirements by providing a pressurised hot and cold system connected to a Grundfos pressure-boosting pump.
Volkswagen use Grundfos to drive change
The name of Volkswagen is more usually associated with cars, however they are also a major engine manufacturer who produce 7,000 engines a day. They produce 370 diesel and petrol variants to service their car manufacturing as well as engines for industrial and marine purposes and for cogeneration plants.
Hospital project set to break records with Grundfos
A new hospital in Aarhus is set to break a number of records both within and outside of Denmark. This facility that is due to be fully operational by 2019 will treat 100,000 inpatients and 900,000 outpatients annually which will make it one of the largest hospitals in Northern Europe.
Education kept in check with Grundfos pumps
With 11,000 students attending a range of campuses across a compact town centre site; Bolton University has grown into a highly regarded educational establishment since it received university status in 2005.
Birds Eye take a fresh approach
When Clarence Birdseye first noted the beneficial effects of quick freezing back in the 1910s, it would have been impossible to envisage the enormous impact he would have on our ability to access fresh food all year round.
The Grundfos UPS2 will fit your needs
Introduced in 2013 the new Grundfos UPS2 is the ideal replacement for the popular UPS 15-50 and 15-60 circulator families and they are rapidly becoming a firm favourite and are suitable for use in both new and replacement scenarios.