Shhh! don’t mention the name


Shhh! don’t mention the name

Grundfos Pumps Ltd would love to share their success with you in terms of being a major supplier to perhaps the most significant global sports event to happen in London ever - but certainly in the past 64 years. However, as we are not a major sponsor, at the moment we are not allowed to.

We would love to tell you for example that we supplied 80%+ of the turnkey pump and pump solution requirements to answer a range of HVAC, boosting, fire saving and ancillary demands to all the major sites. And that although you won’t be able to see us on the television; every service provided to the many athletes and visitors from around the world visiting during the period from late July to early September will at some stage have been touched by one of our Grundfos solutions.

At this stage we can’t tell you more – but when we can we will – and we think you’ll be impressed as it is a story worth telling, even if it is a little later than we would have liked.

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