The Noble art of rowing


The Noble art of rowing

Rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic is a huge challenge – so much so that more people have been into space than have completed this marathon. So, when two Dunblaine brothers decided to sign-up for the Talisker Whisky Challenge in aid of the Firefighters Charity and in particular in remembrance of John Noble a Watch Manager who died in the call of duty, they knew they were taking on a huge task.

Called Team Noble, they set out from Tenerife in early December and they have been through many adventures and experienced all that the Atlantic can throw at them.  They are now set fair and heading towards Antiqua which is their final destination and where they hope to arrive, around the 6th February.

The boat which has been their trusty partner boasts the Grundfos logo and we are proud to be playing a small part in supporting such a noble venture.

Follow their progress on Twitter @NobleSince1824