Code of Conduct - how we practice it


Broadening the reach of Code of Conduct

When is a gift from a business partner too big? Is it a problem if I recommend a family member to apply for a job in Grundfos? Or what do I do if a colleague is telling inappropriate jokes about another colleague? These are dilemmas that many employees face in their daily work. Maybe, because there is not always one, clear answer in the international business world. The handbook, Code of Conduct – how we practice it, is a user-friendly guide, which provides concrete examples of how to handle a range of situations in accordance with the Grundfos Code of Conduct.

“The world is rarely black and white, and we need some common guidelines to ensure that all employees make the right decisions when faced with a difficult situation”, says Pernille Blach Hansen, Group Sustainability Director, in order to explain the reason for introducing the ethical dilemmas and the guidelines in a handbook.

Made for a global company

The Grundfos Code of Conduct has existed for years and its contents can be seen on posters in Grundfos offices and on Grundfos production sites all over the world, but with the handbook, the focus of the Code of Conduct is given a new perspective.

"Grundfos operates in many countries and across numerous cultures, traditions and local laws and regulations. This is why we need common principles that apply to all employees in Grundfos owned companies. The Code of Conduct will help us to ensure that we all comply with relevant laws and guidelines and that we live up to our high ethical standards", says Pernille Blach Hansen. The handbook is published in 10 different languages and distributed in all Grundfos companies world-wide. The hand-out of the handbook is supplemented with local training sessions and workshops, where challenging Code of Conduct dilemmas are discussed and training is given on how to use the handbook.

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