What we buy - Indirect


What is Indirect Purchase at Grundfos ? Indirect Purchase means, investments, materials, and services which are not part of a bill-of material. Indirect categories are related to the administrative activities at Grundfos.

Indirect Purchase at Grundfos is divided into several different Clusters and Categories. Below you can find an overview of the different clusters within Indirect Purchase at Grundfos.

  • Logistics, Such as transport air, transport sea, transport road, forklift, trucks etc.
  • Facilities, Such as cleaning service, Catering, security etc.
  • HR Services, such as Temp, labour, training etc.
  • Machines, tools, spare parts supply, such as Factory equipment, Machines, Maintenance & Repair (Prod. Equip.), Production tools etc.
  • IT/Telecom, Fixed telephone lines, Mobile, Software applications, PC hardware equipment etc.
  • Support Services, such as consultancy, audits, insurance etc.
  • Travel, Such as flights, accommodation, Taxi etc.
  • Marketing, such as Market research, advertising, Marketing Materials etc.

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