Communication - Group Policy

Grundfos will pursue an active communication policy based on high ethical principles. The communication policy is intended to contribute to the achievement of the Group’s overall objectives as well as to the strengthening of the Group’s image towards relevant stakeholders.

Grundfos will endeavour to inform employees before the outside world and to show willingness to give good as well as less good news. It is Grundfos’ policy not to draw attention to itself by making negative statements about competitors.

The purpose of internal communication to employees at every level is to ensure the greatest possible motivation, sense of community and understanding of the objectives and activities of the Group, including the role of the individual employee. Information must be brief, clear and precise and be given as early as possible - only limited by business negotiations, personal considerations or similar factors.

The purpose of external communication is to strengthen the outside world’s conception of the Group as a dynamic and trustworthy partner and employer as well as a responsible citizen. Grundfos wants the world to know its attitudes and actions. The active, external information is intended to allow the Group to set the agenda on its own terms on crucial issues.

Grundfos’ vision to be acknowledged as the leading manufacturer of high-quality pumps also applies to the Group’s attitude to written communication. High quality is therefore the only acceptable level of language and communication.

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