Risk management

Risk management

Risk management - Group Policy

By means of risk management, Grundfos will protect employees as well as the operation and values of the company. Analyses of essential risks must be made continuously in order to ensure that the consequences of situations arising as a result of damage or actions giving rise to liability will not be significant for Grundfos. Only insurances covering essential risks will be taken out.

Grundfos gives high priority to loss preven-tion. Within the various fields of responsibility, changes or extensions of loss preventive mea-sures will be continuously considered in order to prevent the occurrence of insurance events.

Risk management and the co-operation with insurance suppliers must aim at establishing Group policies, where advantageous, and obtaining optimum insurance and premium conditions.

This task must be centrally managed and to the widest possible extent co-ordinated through the Group’s own insurance company, Grundfos Insurance Management.

Important insurance events must be reported to the Group Management without delay. All insurance events must be registered and reported to the Group Risk Manager to allow the necessary loss prevention measures to be taken or the insurance coverage to be updated.

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