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Grundfos system delivers leakage reductions
With global demand for clean and safe drinking water continuing to grow, one of the obstacles to meeting this remains leakage. Ageing networks cannot be easily replaced, but a problem that for example leaves London losing 1,000 million litres of clean water every day, and produces worldwide losses equating to the needs of 200 million people, is one that demands a solution. Grundfos Pumps have stepped up to the challenge and can demonstrate a practical solution that works.
Grundfos checkout check-in
As part of an agreement between Grundfos and a major hotel chain, Grundfos had the opportunity to undertake an Energy Check survey on a large hotel in the south of England. These checks provide an accurate, timely and comprehensive way to establish a current pump systems performance.
Grundfos put BIM in focus
BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a valuable tool for building services specialists to be able to manage every step of a building’s life cycle. This is because it can provide real-life simulation of all tasks related to design, construction, commission and operations. It has an especially high profile in the UK where in 2011, the Government Construction Strategy document set down a strict implementation timeframe for all government led projects.
Battersea makes a powerful start with Grundfos
Battersea Power Station has rarely been out of the headlines since it was initially proposed back in 1927. These decommissioned coal-fired power stations with their four iconic chimneys and art deco interiors have become even more famous as a London landmark since they ceased operating in 1983.
Grundfos MD gets the royal seal of approval
At a special ceremony the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, presented Peter Reynolds, Managing Director of Grundfos Pumps with an important award in recognition of his achievements.
Brewery laps up energy savings
When a well-known name in the brewery industry in the UK approached Grundfos Pumps to undertake an Energy Check on a part of their operation, they were sure they could help to deliver real savings. This is because Grundfos have been at the forefront of energy optimised pump development for years and take real pride in their achievements and their approach to sustainability.
Grundfos is right at home with a wide range of pump solutions
In the UK we have a very strong attachment to our homes and this means they play a much more important role in our lives than simply being a pile of bricks and mortar. Equally, this is reflected in the expectations of what we would like our living spaces to deliver; as we now want them to meet a range of demands in support of our increasing requirement for comfort. This includes the ideal ambient temperature, delivering ample hot water and having sufficient/accessible water pressure to match ...
The Grundfos hub that is engineered for engineers
Grundfos launched their knowledge-based hub last year specifically aimed at engineers who work across multi-disciplines. This means that regardless of whether your focus relates to commercial building services, process industry applications or the water supply and treatment industries, this on-line destination is for you.
Grundfos keep up the pressure
The BM range from Grundfos is a family of high-pressure booster modules that are ideal for use in many situations such as boosting, liquid transfer as well as in systems that create circulation under a high static pressure.
Meet the new Grundfos shower booster pump range
The recent product launch of a new range of shower booster and universal head shower booster pump ranges from Grundfos have been getting excellent reviews.