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Driving the bananas
We eat over 5 billion bananas every year, all of which needs to be transported from one of the 150 countries that grow them, to the UK. Add to this the complexity of getting all the other delicate foodstuffs we enjoy to the point of sale in perfect condition and you start to realise the logistics that are needed to achieve it.
‘Appy Days
With so much information available these days – it can be difficult to assess what has and hasn’t got any real value. Already gaining a reputation as ‘the’ mobile assistant of choice by plumbers, installers and heating engineers, the Grundfos Installer Companion App is proving itself to be a worthwhile and valuable download.
The choice is clear with the Grundfos Product Center
Having a single source of reference to allow you to make the best pump choice is something Grundfos are very aware of the necessity for. So for many years their product portfolio was supported by industry leading on-line and off-line pump selection tools WebCAPS and WinCAPS. After many years of faithful service it became clear that with all the new technology available, we should invest in improving this support system.
New waterworks facility is truly innovative
As the 2nd biggest city in Denmark, Aarhus faces many of the same challenges that are seen in places with a high population density. This includes delivering clean water as effectively as possible and recently they have developed a ground-breaking solution to achieve this.
Greece takes the gold
Spending time in a roof herb garden may not be something you associate being able to enjoy within working hours. However, at the new Karela office building in Athens you can, but that isn’t the only feature that the 1000+ staff that work there will benefit from, in this the first LEED gold-certificated building in Greece.
Grundfos bear all
Set in 55 acres in Fife, the Scottish Deer Centre has evolved to become a centre for many more species than the fourteen types of deer that today call it home. Other residents include wolves, otters, wild cats and birds of prey and this growing family were recently joined by two brown bears called Nellie and Lockie.
S-tube cleared for take-off at Heathrow
Heathrow Airport has seen dramatic changes, from humble beginnings in 1930, to the present day. The infrastructure to support such a complex transport hub has also undergone some significant changes.
Home is where the Grundfos solution is
Grundfos offer a comprehensive range of products that will enable you to install the ultimate technology throughout the entire home. Whether this involves macerators, heating, water supply, water boosting, drainage, rainwater harvesting and submersible applications – with Grundfos you can be sure that the solution will deliver the optimal pump solution.
New Grundfos Product Center - replacement made easy
There are many benefits to the newly launched Grundfos Product Center that has been specifically designed and developed to make choosing the best pump solution as easy as possible.
Grundfos land in the dock
The continuing popularity of cruising has meant that many more and increasingly larger ships are joining the high seas, all of which must have the highest standards of support to ensure their smooth operation and keep them on the move.