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Condensate sorted with Grundfos CONLIFT
Condensate can be a real problem in certain situations, for example in applications that include dehumidifiers, air conditioning systems as well as in terms of modern condensing boilers. At Grundfos we have provided a solution to these issues for many years with our range of Grundfos CONLIFT pre-assembled lifting stations.
Crick sticks its neck out to pioneer biomedical research
The new Francis Crick Institute has a commanding position within a cluster of science-based organisations that are near St Pancras in central London. It has much to live up to, named as it is, after Sir Francis Crick who was one of Britain's great scientists famed for his contribution that led to the identification of the structure of DNA.
Discover the new MAGNA3
The new MAGNA3 range of innovative, energy efficient circulators from Grundfos Pumps. This could be because of the wide range of commercial applications that it can be used in.
Dundee scheme warmly recognised
District heating schemes are pretty rare in this country but can deliver exceptional results as has been proved by the recent refurbishment work undertaken on a 336 home scheme in Dundee – The Dallfield Community Energy Saving Project.
Education kept in check with Grundfos pumps
With 11,000 students attending a range of campuses across a compact town centre site; Bolton University has grown into a highly regarded educational establishment since it received university status in 2005.
EuP Virtual Tour
Webcasts on: The EuP Directive, Implications for the industry, Technology & EEI measurement, Design & setup, Grundfos UPM2, UPM GEO, MAGNA GEO and SOLAR PM2
Even more opportunities to WIN & EARN with Grundfos
There are now even more reasons to purchase Grundfos products with the extension of the Grundfos WIN & EARN scheme. Now the line-up of products and their associated points value is:
SOLOLIFT2 - features and benefits video
Explore the SOLOLIFT2 macerator from Grundfos
Fresh water availability recognised as global challenge
Access to clean water is one of the biggest global challenges that the world faces, according to a survey recently conducted by the UN. It is estimated that by 2030, demand for fresh water will have increased by 30% and by 2050 one billion people will lack access to clean water.
Glasgow keeps up the pace
With significant medal hauls for all the home nations and huge television audiences, it is acknowledged that Glasgow hosted a very successful games this summer.