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Grundfos SP the submersible pump you can forget about
It has almost been 50 years since Grundfos produced the world’s first submersible pump that was made entirely of stainless steel. Since then the SP pump family has continued to evolve and to maintain its leading edge reputation within a wide range of abstraction applications.
Knowledge is power?
Within commercial building services, trying to find the time to learn new things or brush up on existing skills is something that today’s industry professionals struggle to fit into their increasingly busy lives. Yet the knowledge gained can have a positive impact by providing information that can contribute to making daily life easier.
The EuP motors on
Pumps consume 10% of world’s electrical power and without them we would have no hot water, heating or air conditioning, nor could we access clean water or dispose of wastewater. Manufacturing and the process industries would also grind to a halt without a range of pumps that literally keep the wheels of industry turning.
The heating season warms up
As the days start to draw in, we will again find that the heating season is upon us once more. Inevitably some homes and businesses will start up their heating systems and experience problems. This could mean that they will need to upgrade their system or replace their pump solution. So no change there – or is there?
Grundfos help stem system leaks
45 million cubic metres of clean water is lost through leakages daily, but replacing leaky water pipes is a costly process both financially for the authorities who have to pay for the upkeep of the pipe system as well as the disruption caused while the work is being carried out.
Grundfos put science on a firm footing
Lund University is one of Northern Europe’s oldest and most prestigious seats of learning. It consistently ranks in the world’s top 100 universities. Contained within it, is the MAX IV laboratory that currently supports 1000+ scientists a year that are undertaking research into areas such as: material science, biotechnology, medicine, energy and the environment.