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Grundfos energy saving roadshow
When Grundfos Ireland ran a series of nationwide energy roadshows earlier this year showcasing its range of intelligent products, it wanted to ensure that customers would get maximum benefit from visiting these events.
Grundfos is at the Center of attention
Center Parcs are already a household name in the UK and Europe and with plans well established to develop the first village near Longford, it looks like they will soon become one in Ireland too.
Alder Hey hospital enters a new era
Caring for 270,000 young people and their families each year is a mammoth task that Alder Hey has been involved with since 1914.
No need to compromise between free passage and efficiency with Grundfos
At Grundfos, our commitment is to introduce breakthrough technologies for the wastewater market, raising the bar and setting new standards for wastewater pump systems and solutions. Innovative technologies from Grundfos bring together intelligence, motors, hydraulics and functionality to meet the challenges of modern wastewater, maximising the hydraulic and electrical efficiency:
Theatre revamp is a Capitol idea
The Capitol Theatre is a famous 1930’s Art Deco building in Aberdeen that has recently undergone a major change. This has seen not only the building being lovingly restored but has also meant that this much loved architectural treasure has found a new lease of life through a considered redevelopment plan.
Grundfos the comprehensive end-suction pump solution provider
Grundfos Pumps are a proven reliable, innovative, end suction pump manufacturer. In their 35+ years of delivering these specific pump models, they have introduced many improvements that have enhanced both the product line-up and its application span that today includes water supply, industrial pressure boosting, industrial liquid transfer, HVAC and irrigation.
GEA acquire Hilge
The Grundfos Group recently announced that they have accepted an offer from GEA to acquire Hilge sanitary pumps from them.
Great service at Wimbledon
With 41 courts to keep irrigated, ground staff have their work cut out to maintain the Wimbledon grass courts that are so famous all around the world. Water therefore plays a significant role, but this is not just about watering the courts, as to achieve the absolute perfect playing surface, each court has to be watered to meet its own precise needs. In fact during the two weeks of the Championships up to 160,000 litres of water are used to keep the courts perfect, depending on weather ...
Grundfos TPE2 and TPE3 the energy efficient choice
The TPE2/TPE3 are an extremely energy efficient range of in-line pumps. In fact all TPE2/TPE3 models with their Minimum Efficiency Index of 0.70 well exceed legislative demand that currently stands at 0.40.
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