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10 out of 10 for the Grundfos Ecademy
Here is a quick guide to the Grundfos Ecademy - a free digital training tool and information platform:
Alpha plug
Learn how to assemble the Alpha plug, both with and without the use of a screwdriver.
Bigger, Better, Smarter……….with Grundfos
2014 has been an important year for Grundfos Pumps. This is not only because they celebrated their 50th anniversary – having first opened in the UK in 1964 - but also because they have been listening to what customers have been requesting and have consolidated the domestic circulator line-up to meet these demands.
Circulator range video
Introduction to the Grundfos circulator range
Grundfos are in-line to increase system performance
Since its launch in the UK in 2003, the TP family of in-line Grundfos pumps has proven itself many thousands of times over, in a huge variety of applications up and down the country.
Grundfos attain prestigious certification
Grundfos Pumps are understandably proud of the reputation they have earned for developing and producing energy efficient pump solutions that are suitable for use within a wide range of applications. Today they can add yet another official accolade to their already impressive environmental portfolio through their attainment of the coveted CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme) certification.
Grundfos gives business a healthy boost
Today, there is a huge reliance upon packaged pump sets to deliver sufficient water to meet the demand - regardless of the application.
Grundfos MAGNA1 and MAGNA3 families now complete
The pump circulator market has been through dramatic changes in recent years, driven by a combination of product innovation and legislative changes.
Grundfos MAGNA3 plus MAGNA1 = the right answer
Today Grundfos can offer both new and refurbishment projects an extended range of commercial circulators via the Grundfos MAGNA3, first introduced in 2012 and now the new MAGNA1. The family is designed for circulating liquids in a wide range of light commercial and commercial applications including heating systems, domestic water systems, air conditioning and cooling systems.
Grundfos MULTILIFT - the perfect package
Packaged lifting stations provide a simpler alternative in many wastewater disposal applications where the effective removal of wastewater is required without having to resort to costly excavations.