11+ success for Grundfos


11+ success for Grundfos

Last year proved to be a good year for global pump giant Grundfos who sold more pumps than ever in the 2011 calendar year. This was despite the financial downturn that affected a large number of the better established economies, especially in Western Europe.

The turnover reached DKK21.1billion (£21.2bn) that returned a sales result of 8% growth that met target. This clearly shows that Grundfos’ focus on designing, delivering and supporting green and sustainable pump solutions, is one that is in step with what both new and existing markets are starting to demand.

This commitment to delivering more sustainable solutions also shows in the fact that 13% more was spent in the important area of R&D. The outcome of this is a number of new, energy efficient circulator pumps that were recently introduced to the market.

At Grundfos we believe in practising what we preach and back in 2008 set the ambitious target that no more carbon would be emitted than was in 2008. This is a goal the company has once again achieved in 2011, despite opening a number of new factories and extending production.