1980 was a good year


One of the important reasons behind Grundfos’ ongoing success in the circulator market comes down to the brands name for reliability. This has manifested itself in various ways over the years and was once again brought sharply into focus when a customer contacted us recently about a Grundfos Selectric 4 Class F that was installed in his home 32 years ago.

The customer, Steve Russell, who lives in North West London recalls “I remember fitting the pump very well, we had just moved into our house and my son – who is now 34 years old – was then 2. I installed the central heating system with the help of my father-in-law. The pump then continued to work flawlessly until a few weeks ago”. He concluded “well done Grundfos, a most impressive performance.”


When Steve contacted Grundfos to let us know, we were also impressed and were delighted to offer Steve a new Grundfos ALPHA2 pump as a replacement. The ALPHA2 will not only continue to meet his central heating needs, but because of its efficiency and ability to match the needs of the system - will also save him money – which is good news for both Steve and for the environment.


Let’s see if this Grundfos ALPHA2 proves its longevity and is still operational in 2044……………………….