47 not out


47 not out

In the summer of 1964 The Beatles were dominating the charts, Mary Poppins was the breaking box office records and Tokyo hosted the Olympic Games.  At the same time a new house in Viborg, Denmark was having a Grundfos VP3501 fitted. These pumps were manufactured from 1962 and 1968 and were the first circulators to incorporate stepless regulation.

Since then the pump has continued to deliver heating and hot water to Vera Hofmand  Jensen’s home– with just a couple of weeks respite in the summer months. After 47 years faithful service (with just the odd tap of encouragement after its summer break in recent years), the pump was replaced this summer. Not because it wasn’t working anymore but because his Mrs Hofmand Jensen’s son convinced her to change to an energy efficient Grundfos ALPHA2 model.

This pump was the forerunner of the energy efficiency tradition that the Grundfos name today is so synonymous with, as it consumed 45 watt which was very low for the time. But it has certainly worked hard as we estimate it has pumped 411,720 cubic metres of water in its lifetime – which corresponds to 328 Olympic sized swimming pools.

This VP3501 pump with the production number of 207932 will now take its place at the Grundfos museum. Is it the last one out there? We don’t know, but if you come across an operational VP3500, let us know and we’ll send you a free ALPHA2 replacement.