Grundfos get into the picture


Grundfos get into the picture

When Grundfos approached an art gallery in central London, they offered to undertake an Energy Check on their current pump set-up to assess where and how any energy savings could be achieved.

The results of the energy check were demonstrated within a very comprehensive post Energy Check report, which in particular highlighted some obsolescent pumps and the decision was quickly made to replace them. 

Members of the Grundfos NBE 65 family were the pumps that were selected as the replacements.  These electronically controlled single-stage bloc pumps showed that an annual energy reduction of 21,900 kWh would be achievable for an investment of just £5.5k.  This meant a return on investment of just 2.5 years.

Maintaining the correct atmosphere in an art gallery is about a lot more than visitor comfort, as the paintings and artworks need a very exacting atmosphere to maintain them in peak condition to ensure they will continue to be enjoyed for many years to come.  Grundfos Pumps are delighted to be supporting the ideal atmosphere to achieve this.