Grundfos have a sporting chance in Brazil



The connection between major international sporting events and Brazil will be even more closely associated after this summer. Following hot on the heels of the recent World Cup, this summer Brazil has once again stepped onto the world stage, this time to act as host for the biggest sporting event of them all.

Acting as the host city, Rio is already famous for its fabulous beaches and its colourful 5-day carnival.  With events being held across four zones of the city, including the Maracanã stadium and Copacabana beach, plus with 500,000 tourists expected to swell the 6 million population, there is bound to be real party atmosphere.    

Supporting such a huge event and behind the scenes of the major venues including the Athlete’s Village, quietly working away to deliver their part of the bargain, are a small army of Grundfos pumps. Pump members have been deployed to help with the cooling , deliver the hot water, ensure that sufficient water gets to wherever it is needed, supporting the sewage and drainage demands, providing the irrigation and offering their assurance through the fire-fighting sets. So you could say that although Grundfos may not be in the running for a medal, they will certainly play an important part in the line-up.

There is however one area where Grundfos’ presence will be more visible. With 134 SP submersible pumps operating in unison to produce the spectacle that is the Water Dance Fountain, which is the central feature of the Athletes Village.

Grundfos are delighted that they have maintained their own personal track record of supporting all the major sporting events over recent years.