Grundfos improves asset availability and reduces cost of downtime


Wessex Water

A Wessex Water location in Dorset recently saved valuable time, money and stress when Grundfos was used to deliver a pump solution in a breakdown situation.

A multi pump failure at the inlet works had the potential to have very serious consequences when a problem with a wastewater pump meant that a non-standard pump needed to be replaced very quickly. Any disruption to the plant’s operation had many consequences including the high costs associated with over-pumping and compliance risk while waiting on a new pump to be delivered. The average delivery time for replacement equipment would mean 8 weeks’ disruption.

However, they contacted Grundfos who, understood the urgency and hold stock of over 2000 wastewater pumps for the UK market, could deliver a pump replacement in just 4 days. This meant they were up and running in just a fraction of the expected time and the added benefit of simple installation solutions for existing applications, meant that the plant was running smoothly again. As well as reliable products and exemplar service, the plant savings in over-pumping financed the replacement pumps, resulting in financial savings and significant compliance risk reduction.     

A Wessex Water spokesperson explained ”Grundfos are keen to make sure that our service level agreements are met, and keen that we get the service we really need”.