Grundfos take Center stage


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Having easy access to useful information is something that is important to us all but isn’t always that attainable. At Grundfos, we have been providing an increasingly sophisticated audience with various on- and off-line product selection support tools since 1984. These tools have evolved by speaking to customers and looking at best-in-class options from multiple disciplines. The latest on this evolutionary ladder is the Grundfos Product Center.

Today this Product Center allows you to begin your search journey from a number of starting points.  For example, you can choose to search by family, pump design or application area. Alternatively, you may want to start your search by viewing the replacement options for an older Grundfos or a competitor model. Another way to start your search is by application and to find your choice based on head, flow and application type. Certain pump choices need to be dictated by the liquid type to be pumped, so this is yet another point you can start from.

So whether you need to select a pump by size, application, replacement or liquid, by making the Grundfos Product Center a favourite will be central to helping you to make the right choice.

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