The Grundfos Ecademy is now even bigger


The Grundfos Ecademy is now even bigger

The popular on-line Grundfos Ecademy has been around for over 10 years. Until recently the content was mainly aimed at plumbers/installers and merchants who predominately worked within the domestic pump arena.

This situation changed, when earlier this year we launched this flexible learning platform to a new audience whose focus is on larger commercial applications.  This now means that consultants/specifiers, as well as relevant distribution partners who work on larger types of projects and applications, can get access 24/7 to a range of on-line modules covering the following topics:

  • Commercial heating
  • MAGNA1 
  • MAGNA3    
  • Water boosting 
  • Air conditioning
  • Life Cycle Costing

Each topic is broken down in bite-sized modules and a small gift is on offer for the successful completion of four modules (there is a short test at the end of each one). New subjects are added regularly, so there is always a reason to visit.