The Grundfos SP - a hidden gem


The Grundfos SP - a hidden gem

The Grundfos SP reached a significant milestone this year when it celebrated its 50th birthday. This durable, reliable, efficient submersible pump family has benefited from the addition of some advanced engineering improvements and a number of line additions in the interim, but fundamentally, the original construction is unchanged.

These pumps were the world’s first submersible pump to be made entirely from stainless steel and their innovation was recognised early on when they won a prestigious design award in recognition of the fact that they delivered an engineering balance between technology, function and form.

 Today, the SP family is still a mainstay of the Grundfos portfolio and their flexibility can be seen in the many applications they support including delivering groundwater supplies, irrigation as well as supporting new digital solutions that offer farmers the additional opportunity for remote control and monitoring.  Their robust nature makes them suitable for use in harsh environments such as mining.  

Since their launch, a staggering 4 million of these units have rolled off the production line and today millions of people all around the world depend on these submersible pumps to deliver their groundwater. Their continued success lies in the fact that they can be relied upon to work away, hidden from view and they are very, very good at doing this.