A clearly better treatment


BV Dairy in Dorset

There are many different demands facing businesses in the UK today. This includes the dairy sector that is keen to improve standards whilst driving down costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

This was the case for BV Dairy in Dorset who operates as an independent manufacturer of top quality dairy produce and who is committed to ensuring they employ the latest and best in manufacturing technology. Two years ago this ambition, in collaboration with their project partner Clearfleau, was successfully realised with the installation of an efficient, innovative anaerobic digestion plant that came about as a result of a Government initiative.


Grundfos Pumps worked with Clearfleau to provide a range of pump solutions that operate integrally within the Clearfleau’s liquid digestion process. These included a booster set, as well as a number of specialist Grundfos TP circulators, members of the SEV submersible range, a Hygia II sludge pump and a CM3 that operates as a permeate transfer pump as well as members of the Grundfos Digital Dosing family.


The results have been excellent and being able to generate renewable energy from co-products will also provide the ideal solution in many similar situations in the wider food and drink processing sectors. Add to this the ability to integrate these systems within new or existing effluent treatment plants and it is clear why Grundfos pumps and Clearfleau are the obvious choice for delivering a novel, effective anaerobic digestion process.