A cool win for Grundfos


A cool win for Grundfos

The London Hilton hotel recently played host to 600 guests who attended the RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2011 that this year saw entries from practically every major name in the industry.

With a particular emphasis on energy efficient solutions, all the categories were fiercely contested and Grundfos Pumps Ltd were delighted to be announced as a winner within the Refrigeration Product of the Year category with their new RC pump.

So why did it win this award? Well the Grundfos RC is the world’s first pump that is optimised for the circulation of liquid CO2 refrigerant. These pumps are used for circulating liquid refrigerants in refrigeration systems and as well as being designed for use with CO2 as a refrigerant, they can also be used with NH3 (Ammonia) and selected HFCs.

Another reason for the success could be that the Grundfos RC pump uses about a third of the energy of standard centrifugal pumps. This is achieved by using variable speed capacity control and the use of intelligent pump protection that reduces the energy consumption of the pump considerably, compared to traditional installations.

With an impressive list of additional features and benefits including the compact design and ease of installation, the RC pump is bound to prove to be a winner with a wide audience of specialists in the RAC arena.