A pumping good meeting


Range of epumps

Pumps currently consume 10% of the world’s electrical power, so focusing on optimising the amount of energy they use makes a lot of sense both from an environmental perspective as well as to save energy.

Pumps are vital to us, as without them we would have no hot water, heating or air conditioning, nor could we access clean water or dispose of wastewater, not to mention that manufacturing and the process industries would grind to a halt. So making sure the best pump option is selected for a specific task can mean an 80%+ energy savings.

Grundfos recognise that ascertaining exactly what applications could save you most can be complex and so have employed specialist pump energy solution managers, whose expertise lies in suggesting ways that you can save. If you want to book a visit contact grundfosuk@grundfos.com

Or if you want to find out more about how pumps can save you money visit the Meet the energy challenge NOW energy.grundfos.com portal from Grundfos Pumps which acts as an umbrella for a broad range of energy information that encompasses topics such as: facts on pumps; future legislative demands; technological advances; a broadcast centre and much, much more.

To us at Grundfos, pumps are not just our business but are our passion, we can work with you to improve your overall pump efficiency and save you money – great news for you and the environment.