Grundfos drive towards the future


All Grundfos light company vehicles to be electric

Grundfos have announced that they plan to replace about 2600 company vehicles to all-electric versions by the end of 2025. The initiative is part of the company’s ambition to reduce its own CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025 and become 'climate positive' by 2030. Grundfos company cars emit 14.500 tons CO2-e per year, while production in comparison in 2019 emitted 80.068 tons.

Although cars are a relatively small part of the overall footprint, it is important to Grundfos to make an environmental difference where possible. Already known for their pioneering solutions to the world's water and climate challenges, including innovative products as well as applying the most sustainable technologies to their pump portfolio, this is a natural progression for them.

This complete transition to all-electric vehicles will happen on a rolling basis. By making the transition to electric vehicles, Grundfos also joins EV100, an initiative of the Climate Group, which brings together forward-looking companies committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles and making electric transport the new norm.