Belmarsh sets new standards


Belmarsh sets new standards

Belmarsh is a well-known Category A men’s prison in London that first opened in 1991 with a capacity for 910 inmates. Since then it has suffered from increasing overcrowding problems that were exacerbated by the diversity of the prisons’ population. The decision was therefore made to provide a new Category B facility at Belmarsh under a £415m PFI contract with Serco Group, acting as the consortium partner and with Skanska winning the £100m contract for the design and build of the new facility.

The scheme which comprises of 10 buildings including a 900 inmate houseblock, healthcare and education units, sports hall, workshops, kitchens and facilitating buildings was recently handed over - 7 weeks ahead of schedule.

Consulting Engineers Hulley & Kirkwood worked with selected key partners including Grundfos Pumps in order to deliver the highest BREEAM standards possible. The outcome is that the main houseblock has achieved a worldwide first rating of ‘outstanding’ for such a building, with the other 9 achieving a rating of ‘excellent’.

Reaching this goal for a prison facility is particularly difficult as prisons need to operate at capacity for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which increases the challenge of achieving high ratings. However, through careful selection of suppliers and products such as selecting Grundfos electronically controlled pump solutions - that only work as hard as they need to - this has been achieved.

As prisons need to operate as a ‘mini city’ the range of pumps that will support the many differing requirements encompass a wide range of functionalities but all share the common characteristics - of putting efficiency and reliability first - aspects that are today synonymous with Grundfos Pumps.