British Gas takes a leading position

British Gas, Alpha2, EuP

Large organisations are frequently accused of being slow to change and adapt to new ideas. This however cannot be said of British Gas who recently took the decision to offer their customers the Grundfos ALPHA2 circulator, as standard, from March 2012.

This important decision means that British Gas customers will benefit from energy savings of up to 75% to 80% immediately, as opposed to having to wait for legislation to kick in. This legislation will take the form of the EuP Directive that covers Energy using Products and will demand that only the most energy efficient products can be fitted from 2013.

British Gas and Grundfos Pumps have built a strong business partnership in recent years and they are both united in their determination to deliver to their customers the highest levels of comfort, in the most energy efficient way.

By making this decision now, British Gas has proved that not only are they happy to embrace the newest technology, but also that they are willing to be the first to make a stand that will benefit both the environment and their customers.