China - a fitting solution


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In recent years there have been many fundamental changes that have taken place with regard to China. One of these has been a huge migration of Chinese moving from rural areas to major cities.

In fact by the end of 2011 the mainland of China had an urban population of 691 million which is the equivalent to just over half the population. This is a huge increase from the 26% of the population who lived in urban areas in 1990. By 2020 it is expected that an additional 150m Chinese will have exchanged their lives in rural areas for urban living.

Today Shanghai is home to 16.5m and Beijing to 12.2m people and both are expected to grow significantly. This is already putting huge pressure on the infrastructure including an increased demand for the supply and removal of water and wastewater. This increasing demand coupled with a lack of space means that companies like Grundfos Pumps are being approached to deliver a range of innovative solutions.

A recent example of this was in a residential suburb of Shanghai which is typical of the issues faced where there is huge demand for services and little room. Grundfos supplied three prefabricated pumping stations complete with wastewater pumps and control systems, each of which only required a total of one square meter.

This project was at the time of completion the first project of its kind in China, however due to its success and the continual pressure on space, it certainly won’t be the last.