Complete control on the GO


Grundfos GO

In order to get complete control over every aspect of e-pump performance, Grundfos Pumps has developed the innovative Grundfos GO control software that offers intuitive, handheld pump control. This means that from the user-friendly interface on a smart phone or iPod Touch, you can monitor, set and control any Grundfos e-pump.

This innovative step from Grundfos means the industry’s most advanced mobile solution has arrived and has taken pump control - on the move - to a whole new level. But the innovation doesn’t stop there as the Grundfos GO will not only you give you fast access to live pump data, but also to online tools, performance history and a range of alarm logs. In addition you can use it to change pump settings simply and quickly.

The Grundfos GO communicates via radio and infrared technology and works with all Grundfos e-pumps. Get started by ordering the mobile interface attachment either for your iPod Touch or for your Apple or Android device and download the free Grundfos GO app from the App Store or Google Play.

So what are you waiting for ready………steady……….GO………….