Driven by success


Driven by success

Back in 1898 when Louis Renault and his brothers founded a new motor company they could not have imagined that some hundred years later sales of the marque would have reached almost 3 million vehicles per year and that Renault would be present in 188 counties around the world.

And the story doesn’t end there as from early 2012 the production lines will be rolling at a new Renault factory in Morocco that is a collaboration between the Kingdom of Morocco, Renault and Veolia Environnement who have joined forces to build a plant that sets new standards in low environmental impact, with initial annual production set at 170,000 units and expected to quickly ramp up to 400,000 vehicles.

This flagship project had some specific and stringent ambitions to be a zero carbon site which means reducing CO2 emissions by 98%, ensuring that no industrial water reached the natural habitat and that water consumption in the industrial processes was reduced by 70%.

Supporting these specialist water requirements including potable water, process driven needs and air-conditioning applications are a range of Grundfos pumps. These include end-suction and in-line pumps, booster sets and a range of submersible products. The Grundfos products supplied are all energy efficient speed controlled options that will be used in conjunction with a BMS (building management system) to ensure the lowest energy consumption and best system control.

With global demand for motor vehicles from emerging markets still continuing to soar, this plant is expected to reach full capacity very quickly and Grundfos Pumps will play their part by keeping pace with production demands.