Driving the bananas


Grundfos motors, in partnership with Maersk

We eat over 5 billion bananas every year, all of which needs to be transported from one of the 150 countries that grow them, to the UK. Add to this the complexity of getting all the other delicate foodstuffs we enjoy to the point of sale in perfect condition and you start to realise the logistics that are needed to achieve it.

This is where Grundfos motors, in partnership with Maersk, have developed a system whereby their containers can not only be adjusted between -30° and 30°C to suit whatever goods are being transported but that also allows the levels of CO2 and oxygen to be set – something that Maersk call a ‘controlled atmosphere’.

Supporting these systems are three Grundfos motors that were specifically developed for their task play a vital roles. One motor provides ventilation for the refrigeration unit’s condenser while the other two provide the required ventilation inside the container by maintaining the necessary air flow temperature to circulate around the goods.

The selection of Grundfos motors, was not only done to their realibility but also to the low energy consumption as these units use 20% less than competing systems. With the demand for refrigerated containers growing by 5% each year all savings make a significant impact.

So next time you pick up a bunch of bananas, think of the cool journey they have made in order to get to you.