Fresh water availability recognised as global challenge


Fresh water availability recognised as global challenge

Access to clean water is one of the biggest global challenges that the world faces, according to a survey recently conducted by the UN. It is estimated that by 2030, demand for fresh water will have increased by 30% and by 2050 one billion people will lack access to clean water.

This places an increased responsibility on the shoulders of companies operating within the water industry to ensure that water is treated as effectively and efficiently as possible to maximise supplies and minimise the energy needed to get it to where it is required.

Grundfos Pumps have been innovating to achieve these goals and now have an extensive product portfolio that not only meet this demand, but that are in many instances, revolutionary.

Take the issue of water leakage, this has wide ranging implications as it is estimated that urban areas frequently record water leakage losses of 70%. Grundfos developed a process called Demand Driven Distribution which, via their MPC Controller, addresses this problem by reducing the surplus water pressure in pipes, whilst reducing water hammer, which is the primary cause of new leaks.

Wastewater transport and flood control is another area much in the news that Grundfos has given significant focus to, and that offer a range of solutions from fully-customised pumping stations to complete prefabricated submersible pumping stations.

We all have a responsibility to look after water supplies for the future and Grundfos are actively living up to that promise.