Golden moment for Grundfos


Leighton Buzzard head office

Grundfos Pumps were recently awarded a Gold Green Apple Award at the House of Commons in recognition of their environmental efforts relating to the refurbishment of their UK office HQ in Leighton Buzzard.

As a company Grundfos prides itself on its wide range of energy efficient pumps that offer savings of up to 80% and therefore wanted to ensure their building upgrade would not simply offer staff an improved environment and facilities, but that also included as many energy efficiency and other green considerations as was feasible within the building fabric.

This meant the company incorporated as many – direct and indirect – efficiency measures as possible to support their own business model and ethos. These included: solar panels, VRV (variable refrigerant volume) system was installed throughout the building, T8 motion and light sensitive lighting, toilets use only 6 litres per flush; automated taps use the hot water generated by the solar panels and automated hand dryers mean there is no longer a need for towels, dead zones such as landing areas are now being used for coffee facilities and informal meetings, staff meeting rooms have state-of-the-art links to encourage on-line meetings, to discourage unnecessary travel – both within and outside the UK.

The total cost of the refurbishment was £1.2m. The energy saving features are expected to deliver a 50% energy saving on top of the energy savings that we will make from reducing our demand. It is hoped that these changes will be seen as an energy beacon, so people can see what can be achieved with some imagination, an adaptable attitude and a willingness to embrace change.