Grundfos are in-line to increase system performance



Since its launch in the UK in 2003, the TP family of in-line Grundfos pumps has proven itself many thousands of times over, in a huge variety of applications up and down the country.

There are many reasons why they have been so successful, but a significant element has been that Grundfos have continued to invest, expand and improve this family, ensuring they remain at the leading edge. Today the extended and improved range offers the ideal solution for many applications including heating and cooling, in commercial building services, as well as in industrial processes and water supply systems.

But the story doesn’t end there as now Grundfos has upgraded the electronically controlled TPE family that will bring an additional dimension, via a plethora of improvements. These new TPE2 and TP3 models will deliver unrivalled efficiencies and a wide range of upgraded intelligent functions that allow for the customisation of the operation of these pumps that will suit specific needs and frequently eliminate the need for pump throttling valves.

In addition these models offer configurable relays and analogue inputs and are supplied complete with wireless multi-pump technology capacity.

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