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Scottish Deer Centre

Set in 55 acres in Fife, the Scottish Deer Centre has evolved to become a centre for many more species than the fourteen types of deer that today call it home. Other residents include wolves, otters, wild cats and birds of prey and this growing family were recently joined by two brown bears called Nellie and Lockie.

Grundfos Pumps have been delighted to work closely with the centre as it has continued its expansion and have supplied them with a wide range of pumps that are happily performing their roles around the park. For example back in 2009 Grundfos supplied a pump that assisted in maintaining the water supply to a man-made stream and waterfall area for the then new otter enclosure as well as some CR pumps for water transfer use.

Today the new bear enclosure features a Grundfos sump pump which feeds the bear pond and creates a waterfall effect.

The bears are proving to be a great visitor draw and the centre is continuing to look to the future and at other potential areas of growth. Whatever the future for this important tourist centre, Grundfos – who are an official sponsor - will be there, continuing to support all the water supply needs.