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Grundfos BlueFlux

The EU installed pump base is an incredible 110 million pumps in the professional sector alone. This means that the potential for monetary and emissions savings is enormous.

To put this into perspective, the saving potential of motors by moving to an eco design is 135 TWh, in comparison with domestic lighting that only offers a potential 39 TWh saving. This 135 TWh saving is actually the equivalent of Sweden’s annual electricity consumption.

The new generation of Grundfos motors are called Blueflux®. So what makes Blueflux® motors better? This technology represents the best from Grundfos within energy efficient motors and variable frequency drives (MG motors, MGE motors and CUE drives). Grundfos Blueflux® solutions either meet or exceed legislative requirements and many models are available now, with the rest being launched periodically throughout 2011. The complete Grundfos Blueflux® range will be available by January 2012.

This new generation of motors benefit from a complete holistic approach having been designed to improve the individual parts as well as the dynamics between all the various elements of their design. This means that motors and VFDs are designed to interact perfectly with each other, this in turn ensures greater efficiency, reliability and improved operational control. All aspects of the motor have been designed to minimise energy loss as well as to improve performance and reliability. So these motors use less energy, have a lower operating temperature than standard motor solutions and can run efficiently across a wide temperature range. Operating at lower temperatures also means less wear and tear and, by default, lower service requirements.

Grundfos Blueflux® technology marks an important point within motor engineering evolution and represents the ongoing commitment Grundfos have made to only offer our customers the best energy solutions. To find out more about this exciting advance and how it has raised the bar, plus many other facts relating to energy related issues regarding pumps and motors visit