Grundfos energy saving roadshow


Energy saving roadshow

When Grundfos Ireland ran a series of nationwide energy roadshows earlier this year showcasing its range of intelligent products, it wanted to ensure that customers would get maximum benefit from visiting these events.

Armed with a plethora of working models including circulators, booster pump sets and a range of controls, the Grundfos team set out to share the many benefits its pump solutions offer at the selected venues in Limerick, Galway, Cork and Dublin.

The feedback from visitors was very positive. People found the opportunity to get “hands on” with the pumps really useful. Being physically able to explore the unique functionality of the products and how they integrate into systems was helpful, not just in terms of how they work to enhance the control, management and monitoring of HVAC systems, but also to deliver maximum energy savings.

There was particular interest in the booster sets – the Grundfos Hydro Multi E and Hydro MPC – and how they maintain constant pressure, as well as the amount of information they provide on flow, pressure, temperature and energy consumption via BACnet or MODbus.

Attendees from the HSE and associated consultants were interested in the Grundfos Oxiperm/Oxiperm Pro, a range that offers a chlorine dioxide disinfection preparation and dosing system. These units prompted lively discussions about the pros and cons of chemical or heat treatment of HWS systems as a means of combating legionella, with examples of both chemical or heat treatment on display.

One common thread from visitors was their amazement at how advanced the products were. A facilities manager from a major airport commented that before visiting the roadshow he had “replaced like with like” but will change this and will now only replace old pumps with advanced solutions.

With promises from a university to retrofit a plant-room with energy efficient solutions and a major hospital committing to a change programme including signing off on a booster set at the event, the whole exercise was a big success.

“With this current round of roadshows now complete”, says Liam McDermott, Grundfos Ireland Sales Manager, “the working display models are set up in the Grundfos offices in Ballymount Road, Dublin 12 as an ongoing training exhibition. This gives visitors the opportunity to see, touch and get ‘hands on’ with the products when they visit because, as we all know, seeing is believing”.

Visitors comments...

"I didn’t realise Grundfos did flow and pressure sensors, and am amazed how readings could be displayed on the pump and Grundfos GO";

“Haven’t seen a product as advanced as the Hydro MPC. Really like the built-in clock function and the ability to have different set points at different times of day and the ability to record and display the consumption profile”;

“Am amazed at how much data the pumps with variable speed drive monitor”;

“Surprised at how evolved the energy check tool is and how much energy and money can be saved with pump upgrades”;

“Hadn’t thought of using temperature sensors with variable speed pumps to control HWR systems”.