Grundfos have the drive to succeed


Grundfos have the drive to succeed

Managing over 100,000 vehicles for blue chip companies is all in a day’s work for one of the largest UK multi-marque fleet operators - Alphabet. Balancing the demands of a 100+ vehicle fleet, alongside their position as green stakeholders for a busy company can however be a difficult balancing act. Nonetheless Grundfos Pumps have been focussing for many years on various ways to reduce their carbon footprint, which includes driving down any emissions produced by their vehicle fleet.

Employing a variety of tactics, including a previous initiative to encourage drivers to select the most energy efficient hybrid cars, providing driving tips as well as shared best practice, Grundfos also established a car committee to help create a cohesive car policy. Their objectives include selecting the preferred marques as well as setting out a framework of the maximum kg/km of CO2 emissions that those vehicles can emit.

This focus and attention is paying off as Alphabet recently advised Grundfos that they are in the top three companies who have the lowest average car fleet CO2 emission rate when compared to all their other car fleet customers. The current customer average being 136kg while Grundfos’ is an impressive 118kg,

Not content with this, Grundfos have pledged to continue on this journey and are just about to launch a revised car policy which will not only include vehicles with increasingly lower emissions but are also looking to introduce ‘plug in’ hybrids as an option for the very first time.

All of which goes to show that Grundfos who are recognised as the driving force for continuously improving pump efficiencies, are also in the front seat when it comes to driving down fleet emissions.