Grundfos help achieve projects vision


The Linburn Centre

The Centre for Scottish War Blinded – the Linburn Centre - was recently named Scottish Project of the Year 2012.

The single story day care centre for Scottish ex service personnel provides a workshop, art space, training facilities, gym, a therapy centre and remembrance area within a distinctive shape, that is designed to operate in a flowing movement to aid navigation around the building.

Judges were not only impressed by the curving geometry of the structure but also by the energy efficient measures incorporated. These included a range of Grundfos pumps, specially selected for their energy optimisation, including members of the MAGNA family and a Hydro MPC-E.

The building was designed by Page/Park and the M&E solution was provided by installers McGills of Dundee and the solution designed by Edinburgh consultants Harley Haddow in conjunction with Grundfos.

To design this award winning building, the design team put bubble wrap around their eyes to simulate using the space as a user. It is this attention to detail, including ensuring that interior comfort levels will be met, that helped to win this award.