Grundfos honoured at Rio+20


Grundfos and Rio+20

On June 19th, at a ceremony at the UN conference for sustainable development in Rio, Grundfos LIFELINK received an award for its efforts to improve the living standards for the people in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities. The award specifically recognised innovative business models that deliver both commercial success and help improve social, economic or environmental conditions.

The Grundfos LIFELINK systems have been specifically designed to deliver sustainable drinking water in both urban and rural areas in developing countries. The system consists of quality pumps driven by solar energy as well as an innovative service platform with an automatic payment system and remote surveillance. Since 2009, Grundfos LIFELINK has instigated clean drinking water supply systems for 100,000 people in Kenya. Now, the company has expanded its activities to a number of other countries in Africa and Asia.

The awards demonstrate how companies, through their core business activities, can help achieve the Millennium Development Goals – eight internationally agreed targets to reduce poverty and environmental degradation.