Grundfos improve TPE efficiency



The Grundfos TPE circulator family are a comprehensive range of high efficiency in-line pumps. Adaptable and intelligent, the family are the ultimate choice for a wide variety of heating, cooling as well as water supply type applications.

These new TPE models benefit from optimised geometry that has been achieved as a result of Grundfos’ unique ability to deliver telemetry and symmetry through combining advanced motor technology with a range of engineering improvements. This means that by selecting these Grundfos pumps in a new or replacement situation, they will deliver not only improved energy efficiency but also advanced monitoring, control and communications.

Improvements in communications offer many key benefits, not least of all leading to significant savings in maintenance and management costs, as pumps can be fully integrated and monitored within each specific application, which means full pump system optimisation.

With the Grundfos TPE you can now deliver an efficient, adaptable, intelligent and compact solution – that will keep you one step ahead and in complete control.

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