Grundfos land in the dock


Grundfos land in the dock

The continuing popularity of cruising has meant that many more and increasingly larger ships are joining the high seas, all of which must have the highest standards of support to ensure their smooth operation and keep them on the move.

With thousands of cruise ships visiting Copenhagen each year, each one now finds bespoke services that are ready to provide them with the support services they need. This includes a range of Grundfos pumps that provide a pump station, three flushing systems and a chemical rinsing system that delivers a system that can handle an impressive 250 litres of wastewater per second.

As ships dock, they connect to receiving tanks on the wharf, these in turn are sent to a local wastewater plant for treatment, with the help of four Grundfos pumps. In addition Grundfos pumps flush out the ships pipework to clear any sediment using stored rainwater as well as delivering a final chemical rinsing to ensure that odour levels are minimised.

Most passengers probably never give wastewater disposal any thought and with Grundfos pumps providing the support – they don’t have to.