Grundfos Lifelink wins UN climate award


Grundfos Lifelink wins UN climate award

At a recent UN Climate Change Award event – as part of the UN's four "Momentum for Change" awards were conferred on a number of initiatives. This included the Grundfos Lifelink, which received one of six awards in the category: “Information and Communications Technologies” for integrating technology into its approach to supplying a sustainable water supply in Kenya and Uganda.

The Grundfos Lifelink is an automated pump system that has been designed to provide remote villages/communities with a guaranteed and continuous access to clean water - for a nominal fee. The innovative solution allows villages and communities to purchase the scheme and finance it through a local micro-financing partner. Repayments are made by users paying for their water via mobile phones, a certain amount of which is used to pay for ongoing servicing and repair work.

In general, communities will have paid for these systems within 5 years after which, if they wish, they can choose to continue to pay a small amount to cover service costs. Systems can be viewed over the internet and will automatically send an error message, when required, in the form of a text message to LIFELINK’s local service department.

Grundfos have always believed that this is a sustainable scheme of global significance as it offers a long-term affordable solution that delivers clean water to those who need it most and we are delighted it has gained the UN’s endorsement.