Grundfos MAGNA1 and MAGNA3 families now complete


Grundfos MAGNA1 and MAGNA3 families now complete

The pump circulator market has been through dramatic changes in recent years, driven by a combination of product innovation and legislative changes.

Today’s new generation pumps offer a range of benefits not least of all the fact that they save significant amounts of energy and Grundfos have been at the forefront of these innovations. Something that was clearly seen when the MAGNA3 and MAGNA1 product ranges - that come complete with electronically controlled motors that are based on permanent magnet (PM) and compact stator technology - were officially launched in 2013.

At this point the smaller model sizes of the MAGNA3 range and some of the stainless steel pump models in the MAGNA1 range had not been added to the product families. Grundfos are now pleased to announce the official launch in the UK of the small MAGNA3 product range of circulator pumps. In addition Grundfos are also launching all of the MAGNA1 and MAGNA3 pump sizes that are available in stainless steel pump casings.

Up to date product data for both MAGNA1 and MAGNA3 products is now available by visiting the product pages or can be accessed via the new Grundfos Product Center selection tool portal – making this circulator range the complete and comprehensive circulator solution.