Grundfos MULTILIFT - the perfect package



Packaged lifting stations provide a simpler alternative in many wastewater disposal applications where the effective removal of wastewater is required without having to resort to costly excavations.

Grundfos have been offering a range of such solutions for many years. One of this family is the Grundfos MULTILIFT - a compact, powerful packaged lifting station that will collect any type of domestic wastewater from any kind of building and deliver it to the sewerage system - has recently undergone a major upgrade.

Reliability, performance and ease of installation are all now integral within the newly re-engineered MULTILIFT range that also now offers more sizes to ensure the ideal solution whether your application relates to a house or a large public or industrial building.

The MULTILIFT family comes pre-assembled and combines pumps, tanks and controls with simple ‘plug and go’ installation. The robust design and non-corroding materials, means you can expect trouble free operation and service requirements that are minimised.

Whilst the name is unchanged the MULTILIFT has gone through an important evolution that has meant that lots of small changes have resulted in solution that has raised the standard.

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