Grundfos pumps safeguard St Petersburg


Grundfos pumps safeguard St Petersburg

Protecting such an architecturally significant city as St Petersburg from the devastating effects of flooding is a vital role. It is therefore not surprisingly that the flood prevention facilities for St. Petersburg are a complex network of dams and related hydraulic structures that are situated in the Gulf of Finland and that extend for 25.4 km.

This is one of the most important facilities in St. Petersburg that protects the city against high water, which is a very good reason why Grundfos equipment is installed there. An opinion expressed by Alexander Zlobin, Operations Director of the Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex, who said “we consider Grundfos pumps to be the most reliable pumps for industrial applications that meets all the latest requirements imposed on pump units at important facilities such as ours”.

During flood situations segmental gates form a barrier to halt the flow of water, these gates lead to water into the dock chambers where the water is pumped out by Grundfos pumps. There are six Grundfos S1 stainless steel pump units performing this role. Any drainage water that may accumulate at the lower level of the hydraulic structure is drained by submersible pumps.

Grundfos equipment is also successfully employed at other flood prevention facilities, where they provide water and wastewater removal. Grundfos Pumps are also providing solutions in terms of sewage pumping stations, as well as providing bespoke fire-fighting systems.