Grundfos put BIM in focus


Grundfos put BIM in focus

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a valuable tool for building services specialists to be able to manage every step of a building’s life cycle. This is because it can provide real-life simulation of all tasks related to design, construction, commission and operations. It has an especially high profile in the UK where in 2011, the Government Construction Strategy document set down a strict implementation timeframe for all government led projects.

Today BIM assets are usually based on 3D drawings from the initial product development, this results in data-heavy files with a lot of detailed information about, in this instance, the pump that is of little value to designers, engineers, contractors or operations managers.
Then multiply this file by the 100,000 building components that are frequently involved with a project, each containing 1-3 MB of mainly irrelevant data, and there are two possible outcomes – either demand for data processing explodes or the workflow suffers a dramatic decrease in speed.

However, Grundfos has invested time and effort in creating purpose built BIM assets from scratch to ensure they are lightweight and do not contain unnecessary data. So how is this
different? To sum up, with Grundfos you get a well-structured approach to BIM that offers:

Purpose built Revit type catalogues

  • Data-light concept
  • Delivers coarse, medium and fine renditions
  • Exact geometry and electrical and piping connectors
  • Access to operational, service and I&O data.

There are real opportunities with BIM that will deliver improved buildings and the first to benefit have been hospitals, schools and social housing – all buildings that are at the heart of communities and to whom the benefit of improved buildings will make a significant and direct difference to society as a whole. Grundfos Pumps are delighted to be playing an important supporting role.