Grundfos S-tube shapes the future


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Until the launch of the Grundfos S Tube, a choice always had to be made when selecting wastewater pumps, as to whether to focus on free passage to obtain reliable operation or high efficiency to achieve low operational costs.

Today the S Tube from Grundfos is a completely new impeller design that provides a pump solution combining both attributes for the very first time and is an important engineering feat that delivers the world’s most advanced impeller.

The unique combination of the new design of the S Tube impeller with large free passage and high efficiency, the pump is also fitted with the energy-efficient Grundfos Blueflux® motor technology that already meets the strictest efficiency requirements. When you combine the Grundfos wastewater pumps with Grundfos’ control and surveillance systems, you end up with the intelligent Autoadapt, which automatically ensures optimum operation, even under changing conditions.

All this added up to a launch that isn’t just evolutionary but revolutionary within the wastewater industry and is set to shape the future.

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